(Left) Alpheus Kgampe, 45 years, NDE Johannesburg - Warehouse,
with his son Kennith, NDE Pretoria - Internal Sales, who has been at NDE since 2006

Alpheus Kgampe is a valued member of the NDE Team who joined NDE in 1973 and is the longest-serving employee at 45 years, in a company where long service is extraordinarily strong. Some 70% of people have been with NDE for five years or more and six members of the national team have reached 30 years of service.  
This long service is a significant part of the strength of NDE’s customer service in the depth of knowledge and streamlined efficiency of NDE’s team.

Here are some extracts from a celebration of Alpheus’s long service in 2013 on the occasion of his 40 years of service – still a fitting description of his special qualities as a human being and as an employee of NDE.

A GENTLEMAN OF NOTE!                                                                              

"I like this job very much and my long experience and knowledge keeps me interested in the products and people I work with," says Alpheus Kgampe.

"This is a remarkable achievement for Alpheus and translates into a great strength for NDE when we have so much depth of experience and of relationships between customers and the NDE team", says Hardy Esterhuizen, manager of NDE's Johannesburg branch and deputy managing director of NDE.

Both Hardy and Manie Olivier, Alpheus's direct line manager in the warehouse, hold Alpheus in very high regard.

"Alpheus is gold to NDE, a real asset" says Hardy.

Alpheus has always chosen to work in stores and has, at various times, been responsible for different ranges of products including fittings and flanges. His present responsibility is for bar, pipe and tubing and he takes these responsibilities very seriously, using his vast knowledge of NDE's stainless steel products to oversee storage systems and the correct deliveries to customers.

His product knowledge is sought out by new arrivals at the company and he fulfils a role both as mentor and product trainer for new warehousing staff.

Alpheus is still top of his game with his warehouse perfectly in order.

"He is one of the most positive people I have ever met," says Hardy.

"He's never off sick, he's always on time and I have never seen him without a smile on his face."

Manie Olivier sees Alpheus as an embodiment of NDE's core values.

"He's sincere; he is respected by everyone for his knowledge, integrity and attention to detail; he's proactive; always willing and available, and he is a reference point for all the team," says Manie.

Alpheus was a young married man with two children in 1973. He now has five children and several grandchildren and is a much-respected senior team-member at NDE – hopefully for many more years to come.

Viva Alpheus Viva! – and thank you!


May 2019