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Heinrich Vollgraaff, Sales Manager, NDE Stainless Steel CAPE TOWN

Running a factory or plant is not an easy task, with all the realities of fixed costs, maintenance,breakdowns and capex expenditure.
Helping buyers and project engineers navigate through these issues should be the main focus of every supplier.

A supplier who builds long term customer relationships has to operate as a business partner, understanding issues faced by their
customers and offering solutions. 

NDE has been in the marketplace for many years and we know a lot about the ‘supplier as business partner’ relationship with
customers because it is a fundamental part of our customer service.

Here is just one example of partnering with customers to meet their challenges, this one drawn from experience with customers
in the hygienic industry, preventing and minimizing costly breakdowns.

Breakdowns and the value of a committed supplier

Stopping a production line is costly.  Aside from lost revenue there is the cost of time, petrol and labour to fix the line.

So the fewer the breakdowns the better and the shorter any breakdown even better.   NDE offers support to shorten
breakdowns by carrying a wide range of stock that is always available.

After hours service is also crucial and back up with technical knowledge is another part of the package we offer. 
In fact, if buyers and project engineers could steer away from the urge to buy on cost only up front and take into
consideration the technical advice of a trusted supplier such as NDE, breakdowns could be significantly reduced
or even prevented. 

When the supplier has insight into your factory they can make recommendations about alternative solutions
guaranteeing less downtime and headaches. NDE offers this advantage which comes with our years of
experience and employing knowledgeable people.

At NDE we pride ourselves on the fact that we have been supplying stainless steel and corrosion resistant
solutions with professional service to a wide range of industries for many years.  In the Western Cape
these industries are mainly in the food and beverage sector - including wine, fruit, fish and pharmaceutical -
because of the province’s main business opportunities and resources.

We have forged relationships and participated with our customers in the building of many plants and a lot
of equipment that has stood the test of time – which translates into significant savings for our customers
in lower maintenance and minimal breakdowns.           

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February 2020