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NDE, a respected player in the South African stainless steel industry and one of the largest privately owned stockists and distributors, has recently added aluminium to its extensive product range.

With over 60 years of service, NDE has mastered a product range in response to customer needs, drawing supplies from local and international manufacturers and converters.

In continually refining every facet of its business – from staff education to supply chain management systems – NDE keeps one principle paramount: customer service. This translates into a focus on customer needs – with a guarantee of product quality, sensible stock holding, timeous delivery and a fair price.

NDE's strength in the market place lies in experience, skills, commitment and values – the value of the product, the value of the customer, the value of the organisation and its people.

Across South Africa NDE has six branches with warehouses, all with ISO 9001 accreditation:

Cape Town
Port Elizabeth

NDE also has an agency with NDE stockholding in Nelspruit.

Company MD Mike Campbell has led NDE for over 30 years and heads up a well-knit management team with significant experience and a diversity of academic and technical skills in the stainless steel and aluminium industry.

NDE's dedicated and long-serving staff contributes to worthwhile, long-lasting customer relationships. Almost 70% of the staff have been with the company for more than 5 years. 40% have been with the company for 10 years or more and 10% have 20 – 40 years' experience with NDE.

The company's activities in the stainless steel industry include sponsorship of the international Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) awards and Mike Campbell's SASSDA leadership - as chairman (twice) and vice-chairman.

Countrywide social responsibility programmes include COACH (St George's Home, St Nicolas Home, St Joseph's Home) and involvement with the Hope Factory, an Enterprise Development NGO using investments from NDE and other companies to empower potential entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses. The project also supports existing entrepreneurs to manage and grow their businesses.


Our Markets

our markets  • Architecture and Construction
• Automotive
• Catering
• Chemical and Petrochemical
• Component Manufacture
• Engineering
• Fabrication (light and heavy)
• Fish Processing
• Food and Beverage
• Mining
• Paper and Pulp
• Pharmaceutical
• Power
• Sugar
• Water
• Wine


Our Service

NDE's service focus is on technical expertise and a close relationship with both customers and suppliers to ensure ongoing satisfaction of customer needs by meeting and often surpassing expectations.

To achieve this, NDE strives for excellence in many areas of their business including:

    • Sourcing
    • Stockholding                                  
    • Product quality
    • Competitive pricing
    • Prompt and reliable delivery
    • Fast turnaround for walk-in and collection customers
    • Knowledge and advice
    • Technical support, material applications and selection
    • Online catalogue with access to quotes and other documents
    • Educational presentations, accredited by Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), on corrosion prevention and engineering excellence
      in the use and benefits of stainless steel

NDE believes that the key ingredients in building long-term customer relationships are trust, dedication and expertise.



Our Value

NDE's Value

  • 60 years of company experience and vast management experience in corrosion resistant solutions.
  • A network of international and local suppliers and a comprehensive product range.
  • Depth of academic qualification and technical expertise in both operational and management teams.
  • Acute awareness of customer needs including appropriate stockholding, service-when-promised and delivery-on-time.
  • Partnerships with customers that are transparent and mutually profitable.
  • Project support which considers engineering requirements, environmental and operating conditions, life cycle costing and appraisal, risk assessment and prevailing commodity prices

NDE's Core Values

To achieve our purpose of supplying selected products to combat corrosion, we adhere to these core values:

  • We believe in sincerity
  • We strive to win - fairly
  • We pay attention to detail
  • We conduct ourselves and our affairs with integrity
  • We are pleasant and respectful to all
  • We achieve our best results as a team

Our Directors and Management

  Managing Director:    Mike Campbell    man 01
  Deputy Managing Director:     Hardy Esterhuizen  
  James Carmichael      
  Llewellyn Dollman      
  Logan Moodley      
  Andries Schreuder      
  Nancy Whitecross      
  Management Team:      
  Mike Campbell      
  James Carmichael      
  Llewellyn Dollman      
  Hardy Esterhuizen      
  Jeanre Hanekom      
  Charles Krog      
  Logan Moodley      
  Andries Schreuder      
  Nancy Whitecross      


Our Corporate Brochure

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Our Accreditation

All our branches have ISO 9001 accreditation.

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Our Disclaimer

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