NDE Port Elizabeth offers a comprehensive stockholding of hygienic stainless steel products to the region’s food & beverage industries
- including two chocolate factories – and serves the industries and the anti-corrosion needs of this coastal hub

PE branch

NDE Port Elizabeth has been a stainless steel partner to Eastern Cape business since the 1970’s with branch manager and NDE Director, 

Logan Moodley, joining a decade later.

“We are a tight-knit team with extensive stainless steel experience and many long-standing customer relationships in the region,” says Logan.

“Our key industry in the Eastern Cape is food and beverage which means that we have a comprehensive stockholding of hygienic products and dairy fittings,” he says.

This comprehensive hygienic stockholding - supported by a sales team with many decades of
experience - is available to customers via deliveries, collections or fast-turnaround off-the-shelf sales.

In addition to being involved in supply for the processing of items such as milk, cheese, butter and
beverages, NDE Port Elizabeth’s products are used in the manufacture of much of South Africa’s chocolate.

“There are two major chocolate factories here where many of our stainless steel products
are used,” says Logan.

In addition to their hygienic product range, NDE also offers an ultra-hygienic range of specialised tube systems and components from Dockweiler for the semiconductor,
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other high-tech industries.

NDE Port Elizabeth also supplies the local architecture and construction industries as well as general engineering and fabrication with the many corrosion-resistant
stainless steel products required in an industrialised coastal city. “One of the highlights of our 40 years in PE is our introduction into the region some years ago of the Duplex range of light duplex (LDX) into the market place – NDE can
claim to be the first,” says Logan.

The range of Duplex stainless steel alloys - which combine the best of austenitic alloys (no rust) with the best of ferritic alloys (strength) - are strong, durable and
corrosion-resistant.  The additional strength permits the use of thinner gauges with lighter mass, which reduces costs because down-gauging uses less material.

Over the years Logan has witnessed many changes in technology in the NDE Port Elizabeth branch, the latest being availability of NDE product and technical
information online 24-hours a day on the website and social media.

“The technology is important, but good relationships are still the key,” says Logan.

 “We are a happy team with long experience, a very good understanding of our products and their applications in the industries we serve, as well as great loyalty
and a superb hygienic stockholding,” he says.

 “And we all love chocolate!” he adds.

NDE Port Elizabeth

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