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Serious thought needs to be given to planning and materials for dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies looking to streamline or upgrade their manufacturing plants in order to improve quality and increase output,. Often the engineering department will be involved to ensure this runs smoothly.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a supplier for hygienic plants and processes:

- Does your supplier have many years of trust, trading and expertise?

- Is their material and product range comprehensive?

- Do they offer the stock off the shelf ready to be dispatched?

- Do they have experience of the common problems and carry relevant stock?

- Can they give you advice and guidance to save time and reduce costs?

- Does your supplier have fast turnaround both for collections and deliveries?

We offer extensive experience and skilled staff at NDE branches countrywide for hygienic plant upgrades and maintenance. Our comprehensive range of stainless steel stock on hand has been crafted over 65 years in business.  At NDE we save you both time and money by offering experienced advice and support, and by recommending and supplying the appropriate materials.

Our hygienic product selection also carries an ultra-hygienic range from Dockweiler.


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