Save Time and Money When Installing Balustrades

with NDE’s one-stop supply in Gauteng

save time

Let’s talk about making balustrades easy to install. Whether you are an architect, developer or installer it’s best to make sure the job is done right the first time to ensure you avoid any unforeseen costs, damages or unnecessary maintenance later down the line. And making the planning, purchase and installation as quick and easy as possible is a definite benefit.

If you are looking for custom designs to suit your specific requirements we are able to provide a range of balustrade systems and pre-fabricated products that will offer several options to suit your desired design requirements and save you loads of costly time and logistics.

At NDE in Gauteng we supply everything from start to finish.  We stock all the required materials which are cut, drilled and welded to specification, plus the components and consumables you need for installation, saving you time and money.

We will also guide you and help plan out your needs in accordance with your site requirements and South African National Standards (SANS) regulations to ensure your installation is a success.

So for all your balustrade needs feel free to contact NDE Gauteng or visit our balustrade showroom at our Pretoria branch where you can view a full selection of the products and finishes, from uprights to end caps.  Once your selection is made, we are geared to guide and support you step by step through the process.

Contact Clive at NDE Pretoria - T 010 005 0012    E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Stainless Steel Balustrade Products and Components

– tubing, uprights, bends, base & cover plates, pin connectors/post tops, frameless glass fittings, end caps, locks, hinges and latches, spigots, chemical anchors and more

Stainless Steel Ornamental Tubing  

Stainless Steel Round Bar