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When wineries, exporters, food and beverage manufacturers are planning and preparing for the next harvest, there may be multiple contractors on site servicing and upgrading machinery, often working against the clock.

Once the previous harvest has been assessed based on sales and how markets overseas are reacting, plans are made accordingly to expand, contract, upgrade, automate or simply maintain, in order to maximize the upcoming season.

This is where it’s vital to have a solid relationship with your suppliers to ensure this process is seamless and no time is wasted. At NDE we have decades of harvest experience and highly skilled staff to advise on all your material requirements during planning and preparation for your next harvest.

Tap into our years of experience and comprehensive stock range to ensure this process goes according to plan. We also offer assistance with cover, risk and the cash flow planning process when ordering material.

For more information contact NDE to learn how we can help you make the most of the next harvest.

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Products we stock and can supply on demand

Stainless Steel HYGIENIC TUBE - Spec A249 & A269, bead removed

Stainless Steel HYGIENIC FITTINGS - valves, fittings

Stainless Steel SHEET

Stainless Steel PLATE

Stainless Steel TUBING - round, square, rectangular for structures & aesthetics eg hand rails, table legs etc

Stainless Steel SCHEDULE PIPING - nominal bore sch 10 + 40

Stainless Steel FITTINGS - valves, flanges, BSP fittings, weld-on fittings

Stainless Steel SECTIONS - round bar, flat bar, angle bar, square bar