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When the time comes to start planning the maintenance or upgrade of your hygienic processing plant, there are certain issues you need to factor in to ensure this process is a success. This is why it’s vital that your supplier has the stock and experience in dealing with these types of projects so that they can help you through this step by step and without delays.

With this in mind here are some key questions to ask:

- Do you have corrosion issues and need a supplier’s advice or guidance on how to solve them?
- Does your supplier offer guidance on minimising upfront as well as life cycle costs?
- Does your supplier have all the required stock on hand?
- Can they offer advice and guidance in order to keep timelines on track and costs down?
- Can they offer same day delivery or quick turnaround?
- Do they have experience with these type of projects and carry stock accordingly?
- Can they offer you the technical support necessary to help you ensure this upgrade happens efficiently?

At NDE our unmatched stock spread of broad, deep, comprehensive hygienic products makes us a one-stop supplier for many project requirements. And we offer guidance on the appropriate materials and grades to get the job done.

Along with our stock, expertise and decades of stainless steel experience, our skilled staff are here to help you with your hygienic plant and process needs, including food & beverage, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you. NDE HYGIENIC 

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